Neon Signs in Steel Can

Neon Warehouse's neon signs in metal cans feature multi-colored, hand blown neon tubing. Each sign is 3 feet across, and the glass tubes are surrounded by a sturdy, commercial grade black steel housing. Your neon sign will come to your door suspended in a wood crate made especially to transport this giant neon sign. Unpacking instructions are included. All you do is hang it up and plug it in“ - no assembly or special wiring is required. These neon signs have a warm mesmerizing glow, and are powered by industrial strength transformers, which operate silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

Shipping Prices:

Item Cost                                                             Shipping Price

$0.00-$325.00                                                     $60.00

$326.00-$590.00                                                 $120.00

$591.00-$885.00                                                 $150.00

$886.00-$1049.00                                               $250.00

$1050.00 and up                                                 $300.00